Ghostwriter For Hire


Why Hire a Ghostwriter?


If you lead a life worth writing about, you probably don’t have four months to sit down and write a book.


Perhaps you’re going round in circles trying to write it yourself or simply don’t know where to start.


That’s where I come in.

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own book, I’ll do the hard work for you. I’ll turn your scattered notes into a book that readers can’t put down. All with your name on the cover.


I’ll produce your manuscript quickly and professionally. It’s your name on the cover, your stories inside, your tone of voice.


If required, I’ll assist through the publishing process too.

About Me



Like many ghostwriters, I fell into it by accident.


One morning I opened my emails and something jumped out at me.


The subject line simply read: “Have you ever written a book?”


There was no body text.


It was one of my wealth-management clients (he almost exclusively communicates in subject lines – and typically at the early hours of the morning).


“No,” I replied, “but I’d like to.”


“Good, you can write mine.”


I was hooked.


I’m a writer and editor with a decade of experience. My work has appeared in the Huffington Post and British Airways Magazine. I’ve worked with clients such as Instagram, Sony Music, and various investment companies (if you can make investments sound exciting, you can write about anything).


I know the power of a great story. I know how to keep people reading.


I learn fast. No topic or niche is too specialized.


Most of all, I love getting deep into a topic and helping people tell their stories.


Tell Me Your Story


My favourite part of the job is chatting about book ideas and reading your outlines.


Whether you’ve got 100 pages of notes or just an idea on the back of a napkin, please don’t hesitate to send it my way. I don’t charge for the initial consultation, so it’s always worth dropping me a line.




How Will The Ghostwriting Process Work?


Quite simply, I’ll take your notes and your stories, and turn them into a compelling book. From start to finish. It goes like this:


A short chat – We can do this over the phone or Skype so I can get to know your plans and ideas. At this point, I’m looking for the broad themes and story that will connect with readers.


Rough plan – I’ll write out a basic chapter-by-chapter outline to form the skeleton of the book.


Interviews – We’ll then put a few dates in the diary to get deeper into the topics. I’ll work around your schedule, but we will usually need about 20 hours, stretched out over a few days.


First chapter – I’ll write the first chapter and you’ll feed back on the tone and style so it’s just right for you.


Full book – I’ll go away and write your book. Some clients like a chapter-by-chapter update and approval. Others are happy for me to write the whole book before having an input.


It’s your book. We’ll work how you want to.


How Long Will It Take?


Four months is a realistic expectation (though I’ll swing to a tighter deadline if needs must). After that, it depends on how much editing is required.


As for getting your book on the shelves, that will depend on how you publish the book. More on this further down the page.


Will We Get On?


I’ve never had a client I didn’t get on with. I’m a friendly person with years of interview experience, Don’t worry, you won’t feel like you’re being grilled. Most people say it’s just like reminiscing.


My job is to listen, without judgment, and prompt you for the best stories and information.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Ghostwriter?


This is the question I am asked most often. And unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.


Every project is unique in size and scope. The length of the book, research required, and the topic itself are all factors in the final cost.


I’ve seen new ghostwriters charging as little as £3,000 (and cheaper) on forums like e-lance. I’ve also seen ghostwriters charge £1 million, so it’s one of the widest gaps in any industry.


Full disclosure, my fees aren’t at the bottom end of the spectrum (but they’re nowhere near £1 million either).


Writing a book requires experience, patience and refinement. Few people can sit down and knock out 80,000 words, let alone weave a story, engage readers, and adapt their tone and style accordingly.


I do, of course, offer a payment plan so you can spread out the costs. Alternatively, if you come to me with a publishing deal already agreed, I’ll simply take the fee out of the publishing advance.


My best advice is to simply get in touch and ask for a quote.




What About Proofing?


I’ll take care of the proofing (not me personally – any writer who proofs their own work is asking for trouble).


I work closely with a professional proofer and editor at no extra cost to you.


How Do I Get Published?


There are two main options here:


Traditional publishing at a major or independent publishing house.


If there’s commercial potential in your book, this path is worth considering.


However, it is the longest and windiest path, with no guarantees.


If you want to pursue this route, we can work in two ways. Firstly, I can write the complete book for a flat fee before pitching to publishers.


Or, we can create a ‘pitch’ or ‘submission’. This is usually a 10,000 word document that includes a plot outline and a full first chapter. (There would be a fee for putting this together). If the submission is accepted, my remaining fee is paid from the publishing advance, and I’ll then complete the book.


Then there’s self-publishing.


For many authors, self-publishing is the preferred route. (Only 16% of ebooks on Amazon are now published traditionally). Self-publishing is quicker, simpler, and you retain a lot more control.


I’ll help you find a great self-publishing service which will turn your book into a physical product. Or you can simply keep it as a digital eBook. By taking this route, your book will look just as professional, but it will be on sale much faster. The choice is yours.


What Now?


Well, if you’ve made it this far down the page, you must certainly be interested in hiring a ghost writer! Why not drop me a message? Just tell me about your book idea and your plans, and we’ll go from there.


Just think, in a few months, you could have a completed book, ready to sell.